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Use QBTV’s Technology to breakdown your QB’s!

The process is simple:
  1. Get Digital Diagnostics on each Client.
  2. Get Training Priorities.
  3. Check progress in 4 weeks with Digital Diagnostics
  4. Reestablish Training priorities
QBTV’s Mission is to show Correct Technique and assist in the Correction Process.

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  • Put a link to your school's logo here, or send an email to qbservice@qb-tv.com with the image.
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  • Terms and Conditions

    QBTV LLC Policy / Guidelines 1. To remain in good standing payments must be up to date. If not, the QBTV Account will be put on hold. 2. Cannot put out social media without QBTV Headquarter Authorization. 3. Unless fully authorized (A. to produce B. final ok) by QBTV Headquarters, Coaches cannot produce or Market Commercials involving QBTV. 4. QBTV Logo, Coaches are not allowed to alter the logo itself or what it is placed on, unless given authorization from QBTV Headquarters. 5. Apparel buying, creating, and use: QBTV Apparel must be bought from QBTV Headquarters at the Coaches Price. Coach is not permitted to make their own Apparel. 6. Website Use or Change: No changes are allowed unless authorized by QBTV HQ. 7. Signage must go through QBTV HQ Sign Company and must Signed off on by QBTV HQ. 8. Business Cards, stationary, etc… with QBTV Personalization must be Authroized or gotten from QBTV LLC HQ. 9. . Conduct that Exemplifies Upstanding and Respectful Coaching is not only expected, but demanded. These expectations extend to off the field actions as well. Anything that is less will be handled potentially by The Coach being released from QBTV Coaching contract. Monies that have been agreed upon are still owed pursuant to this contract. 10. QBTV LLC has the right to add more guidelines to the policy and guideline at any time. 11. This Policy and Guideline can change to enhance QBTV’s Coaching Program. Finally, QBTV Expects that our Coaches take the above Guidelines and if given a situation that is not specifically addressed in the above, that the coach still carries on the same faith and action that this Policy contains.