Leadership, Humility, Communication, Camaraderie, Determination and Passion are my aspirations of becoming a Quarterback Coach that are defined by these principles. To put it simply, a GREAT COACH should possess these qualities and want to improve them on a daily basis. My MISSION is to push the Athletes to the LIMIT both physically and mentally through knowledge of situational football; knowing the game at a high football IQ, knowing what the coverage is and what the best play is for the Quarterback to make a completion. In this new era to be successful as a Quarterback, they need to understand that the league is a COMPLETION DRIVEN LEAGUE; the more completion the Quarterback has, the more yards, more touchdowns, and the less interception, the Athlete will be successful in there career.

Epic Strong Gym & 7vs7: QB coach/OC • Cams Real Speed/ La Mirada HS: Assistant Coaching Staff • John Glenn HS: WRs coach Assistant Passing Coordinator/JV Head Coach • Central Methodist Univ Football Team/Central Methodist SQ: Volunteer QB Coach Assistant • Nike Elite 11: Volunteer QB coach • Pacific Warriors Womens’s Pro Football Club: QB Coach